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Golf Aggressive was founded to make golfers better on their own, without the need for expensive golf lessons, gimmicks, or gadgets. We give golfers all the tools they need to improve their game with their existing set of golf clubs.

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The Power & Distance Challenge. Golfers have averaged 10 yards on their irons and 17 yards per driver, with our biggest success so far being 30 yards by Joe Connolly! Facebook coaching, group participation and support, and Daily Checklists to provide the “Ultimate Distance Cocktail”.


How to Break 90 in 42 Days or Less. Paint-by-numbers approach to break 90. It won’t happen if you practice like most hackers who go to driving range and randomly hit hundreds of balls. Laser focused so you can quickly master the 6 most critical golf skills - the shortcuts to lower scores.


Core to Score. 90 day Golf Fitness System GUARANTEED to Add Distance to EVERY Club in a Golfers Bag AND Lower Their Score at the Same Time. In addition, the program provides enhanced endurance, flexibility, and is our top selling Golf Fitness program.

Red Zone Challenge. Golfers Become DEADLY Accurate from Within 100 Yards AND Lowered Their Handicap at the SAME Time by competing in the Red Zone Challenge. Golfers averaged 5 MORE Birdie Chances per round. Golfers also averaged an increase in accuracy of 10 feet from 100, 75, and 50 yards.

No More 3 Putts! Challenge. Golfers transform their putting strategy and skill in 6 short weeks. Golfers averaged 5 strokes LESS per round using this program.

Facebook coaching and Daily Checklists keep golfers on track.


Shed Pounds to Shave Strokes. Our Golf Specific Fat Burning Workout Series. Golfers average 10 pounds of pure fat loss for this program while adding more consistency, distance, and endurance to their game. Look better, play better, score better!

Rust Buster Challenge. Wake up your game from golf hibernation with this 28 day Challenge that gets you primed and ready for DAY ONE of golf season. Stop wasting weeks and months getting your game back. Start your season FAST and finish stronger than ever.

TapIn Challenge. 5 week online short game transformation class. The Holy Grail according to Gary Player is the ability to turn three shots into two. 35-Days of Short Game Focus to turn any golfer into a short game wizard.