Golf Fitness: Shed Pounds to Shave Strokes


Professional trainer and golfer, Christian Henning has designed a golf specific workout to give you the golf body you dream about. You just need to Come And Get It!

  • Melt Fat and Lower Your Score with golf specific workouts!
  • Dumbbells, Stability Ball, and a Chair are all you need.
  • Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Workouts included.
  • Email Support from Golf Fitness Specialists.
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60-Day Money Back Guarantee. You are satisfied or your money back.

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Endorsed by Elite Personal Trainers

"This is the program I recommend to personal trainers to use in their gyms. In fact, I have recommended Chris's golf fitness system to over 50,000 Personal Trainers around the World. Trainers have implemented these programs in their personal training studios to help golfers gain distance."

Bedros Keuilian

"I lost 9 pounds of fat in just a few weeks while also gaining muscle. I felt better late in the round after losing the weight and can play 36 holes without dragging around."

Rich, 35, Panama City, FL

Golf Specific Fitness & Fat Loss Workouts


Get ready to swing in control with a new sense of balance. These exercises meld your mind and body in to one.


Building a solid golf foundation requires strength.To create clubhead speed, we need a base of strength.


Who doesn't want to crush it!? Golf specific power exercises designed to increase clubhead speed.


Reduce pain, eliminate injury, and increase your range of motion. The secret to clubhead speed is a longer swing arc.

You Also Get The Following Bonuses:

Pre-Round Warm Up Guide

Activate your muscles and calm your mind to lower your golf score. Arrive at the first tee ready for business and maximum performance.

Goal Setting Guide

Knowing where you are going is just as important as the road map to getting there. Use this guide to set personal goals in golf and for your body.

Food Plan & Nutritional Guide

Done-For-You diet plans, nutritional information, and formulas to calculate how many calories you need to achieve your golf goals.

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90 Days Of Extreme golf fitness Workouts. 60-Day Money Back Guarantee. You are satisfied or your money back.
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