My Mission: To help 1 million golfers by the year 2020 to improve their health and play the greatest game of them all longer.

Aid in eliminating pain and injuries, improve their golf game through improved performance and consistency, and live longer so they can comfortably play golf in to their golden years.

Who are you? Why should I listen to you?

I’m you. I may be a little older or younger, but I’ve been where you are. Let me explain…

Most of my life I have been physically active and taken reasonable care of myself – however – I did go through a five year span in a corporate environment where I literally ‘let myself go’. 

One day, I decided enough was enough. Let me tell you, it was tough. Mentally it was as hard as anything I have ever done.

Anyone can let their self go…. and anyone can take back control.

My weight loss was a bit slow and didn’t melt off like it does on TV shows.. but I gained experience and knowledge that WILL help TRANSFORM you quickly. Once my health was back, my golf game was in check. My joy for the game increased.

I became a certified trainer through the NASM and a golf fitness specialist. I am also a certified Turbulence Trainer and have studied many of the top fitness experts methods on golf.


My Story May Sound Familiar To You

The 1 Million Golfer Mission.

What has inspired me to help 1 million men and women transform their lives?


Like many Americans, bad health has taken many loved ones way to early that were close to me. Both my mother and father died in their early 60′s. Smokers… who regularly ate fast food.. and cooked dinners using a deep fryer… and rarely exercised.

Even my grandfather passed away too soon in his early 70′s. Growing up, Thursday was when my dad, grandfather and I would go play golf together.

My dad was decent and could hit the ball a long way.. my grandfather was like Yoda with a sand iron. He was even short like Yoda.  The matches were competitive but most of all – fun. I’ll never forget those days and I wish they could have gone on forever.

The matches ended before they had to. Bad health took my two favorite golfing buddies from me.

Sad – and preventable, to a point.

Make The Decision. Commit to Change.
Let me help you.

We all die some day. However, you can extend your life by adopting some daily rituals..

Rituals that take a small fraction of time each day… but lend years to the end of your life. I’m a firm believer that taking care of yourself all of your life will help you age gracefully in your golden years.

Mom, dad, and my grandpa didn’t take care of themselves as well as they could have. Who knows how many years we lost together due to the bad choices they made concerning food and exercise.

I was alone.

No one close enough to me to ask for advice when I needed a fathers advice.. or a grandfathers.. or a mothers. No one to see the accomplishments I would rise to. No one to help when the days were dark.

It Can Happen To Anyone…

Most of my life I have been physically active and taken reasonable care of myself – however – I did go through a five year span in a corporate environment where I literally ‘let myself go’. Soon after my mom passed away I quit my job as an assistant pro at a golf course.. to get a real job.

I had a child on the way and could no longer get by “having fun” on the golf course. Within a few years in the corporate world I discovered I was on the same path as my parents. Bad habits soon developed as I tried to fit in to the corporate culture.

My weight ballooned up to 245 pounds. Prior to the corporate job, my weight fluctuated between 195 and 205 pounds. Gone were the days of golfing from morning to night and being physically active. My new destiny appeared to be a wobbly chair under fluorescent lighting.

I was miserable not only physically, but mentally.

I hated my situation.

Kept away from the game I loved so much and trapped in an office… Days and weeks went by without touching a golf club. My ‘touch’ soon followed and I became scared to even play a round of golf. If I did play, I knew the result would be depressing.

Invited to play golf with friends, I would always decline. Embarrassed of how I looked and how far I had fallen athletically. Going from a scratch golfer to someone who couldn’t break 90 was a tough pill to swallow. Even more difficult was the image I would see in the mirror. My muscular body shrouded with pounds of unwanted fat. Muscles that had lost their tone and disappeared.

A few years after working in misery, I decided to play golf with some of my co-workers and realized my distance and my game were totally gone. I used to CRUSH the ball and out-drive just about anyone.

No longer.

I went back home.. embarrassed and ashamed. How could I let myself go this far? I had gained 45 pounds of pure lard! I could barely walk up a flight of stairs without getting out of breath. My eating habits were relegated to drive-through windows and fast food establishments. My job was unfulfilling.


One day, I decided enough was enough. I was first going to get back my health, and second, get back my golf game. The third step would be to regain financial control of my situation. Let me tell you, it was tough.

Mentally it was as hard as anything I have ever done.

It took five years of dedicated effort to reverse the five years of ‘lardiness’ (my word for laziness and adding poundage). Five years to build my lardiness, five years to take it off. Losing that fat and regaining my game were both worth the long struggle. Maybe the weight loss was a bit slow and it didn’t melt off like it does with some folks.. but I gained experience and knowledge that help me connect with people who are like I was… people that need my help.

I learned that playing golf and fitness both made me happy.

Once my health was back, my golf game was in check. My joy for the game increased. My distance was back, albeit with a new twist – I could hit it even further! In addition, my self confidence surged. I felt great about who I was and how I arrived there.

Along my journey I became a certified personal trainer, read countless books and journals, and watched tons of DVD’s. Golf, fitness, and running my own businesses are my daily rituals now.

The inspiration to help 1 million women and men to transform their lives is simple… it’s about helping others spend Thursday afternoon with their father and grandfather.

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