Golf Fitness Workouts

I have designed several different workouts for golfers of all skill levels and conditioning. Whether you are a NCAA Collegiate golfer, club pro, or weekend warrior - I have a plan you can use to improve your game.

 30 Yards or More in 30 Days or Less

Our flagship distance program used by amateurs and professionals.

You can ADD yards and improve consistency with the 30 Yard Or More In 30 Days Or Less System. Backed by our 60-day Money Back Guarantee.

PLUS You’ll Get ” Done For You Meal Plans”  with Diet Guide and also my 10 Minute Pre-Round Warm Up Manual.

Still shooting in the 80′s, 90′s, or even 100′s? Putting for bogey instead of birdie? If so… chances are you are hitting long irons to greens while your buddies are hitting it past you…. leaving themselves short irons for their approach shots.

It can be frustrating. 

How would it feel if you could smash the ball past your golf buddies? Pretty good I would think.

While some coaches will say distance means nothing without accuracy… a lack of accuracy and a lack of distance is a death sentence. If you hit the ball short and aren’t accurate, you are GUARANTEED a lousy score.

The truth is that if you can hit short irons to par 4′s and par 5′s, you will shave strokes off your score. Research proves that golfers hit their short irons more accurately than their long irons. Short irons are just plain easier to hit than long irons.

The good news is I’ve discovered exactly how to increase your yardage and thus reducing your score.. guaranteed.


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Reviews And Comments:

"I like the way the flexibility and strengthing exercises are blended."

"I like how extensive the program is and how in-depth you go with descriptions. I also like how you really emphasize the importance of a good warmup and dynamic exercises that improve mobility and flexability."

"30 Yards or More in 30 Days or Less has a complete training set up, no guess at what to do."

90 Days Of Extreme golf fitness Workouts. 60-Day Money Back Guarantee. You are satisfied or your money back.
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